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10 €
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How to play

"Peña Jugones" is a betting group that plays La Quiniela (Weekly football pools).

You can buy your stake(s) for just 10 euros each

Stakes go on sale every Tuesday and you have until Saturday (9.00 h) to buy them.

The results will be available on Monday the following week

Prizes will be paid weekly into your Lotobet member account

Spanish Taxes and 10% fees need to be apply on prizes

Please, remember prizes expire after 3 months

The strategy might vary every week always looking to maximize the investment and get then bigger prize every week.

JACKPOT217.000.000 €
Tuesday, 05/12/23
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€20,000/mth for 30 years
Monday, 04/12/23
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JACKPOT14.000.000 €
Monday, 04/12/23
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JACKPOT1.200.000 €
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JACKPOT60.000 €
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IN PRIZES150.000 €
Saturday, 09/12/23
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