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Given the declaration of the state of alarm for the management of the serious and exceptional situation of health crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID 19 and to comply with its exceptional measures, the following is communicated:

   - From March 15, 2020, the commercialization of SELAE products is suspended.

   - All draws from the corresponding to Monday March 16, 2020 are postponed until a date to be determined in which their celebration is possible.

   - All the tenths and receipts sold will continue to be valid for the same draws on the date they are finally held, as well as the entry of said draws in the case of the National Lottery.

   - Consequently, this Internet sales platform will remain closed for the same period.

We regret the inconvenience that all these decisions may cause, but given the seriousness of the public health problem raised, we must align ourselves with the efforts of the entire society to protect the primary good of health.

We appreciate your understanding, effort and solidarity.
09 de April de 2020
974 224 625 - 602510357
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