20 de October de 2019
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Peña Jugones of La Quiniela
La Peña Jugones is the Peña of La Quiniela de lotobet.es which has the most historic forecaster, considered undoubtedly the best in the field of all time, known as "The King of the Quinielas" Eduardo Losilla
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JACKPOT47.000.000 €
Tuesday, 22/10/19
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JACKPOT11.200.000 €
Thursday, 24/10/19
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JACKPOT7.500.000 €
Sunday, 27/10/19
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JACKPOT800.000 €
Monday, 21/10/19
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JACKPOT1.000.000 €
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JACKPOT25.000 €
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IN PRIZES60.000 €
Saturday, 26/10/19
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