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1. Do I have to register to use the web services?

No, you don´t have to register although we strongly recommend it. If you win a prize it will be easier and quicker for us to verify your identity and pay the prize into your account if you are registered.



2- Why is it important to check the info provided is accurate?


Checking the info provided when registering is very important. In case you need to claim a prize , the transaction will only we made using the information provided by you during your registration. In case of discrepancy in the data the transaction will be rejected by the bank.

3- How do I pay ?


You can pay by putting money into your account. Access to "My Account" and go to "Add Money". Just need to follow the instructions. 

4- How do I know my bets have been validated?


Once the bet has been placed, the payment will be processed. 

When the payment is confirmed, you can access "My Account" and in "Account Movements" you will see the bet reference number. That means the bet has been received. 


You will also receive a confirmation email

5-Understanding Spanish Taxes in Lottery Prizes


There are two tax bands. 

  • Tax Band 1: Tax-free up to €20,000. 
  • Tax Band 2: Any portion  of the prize exceeding €20,000 is subject to 20% tax. Citizens of      most countries other than Spain are entitled to a full tax refund in order to prevent double taxation. Claiming this refund is the sole responsibility of the player and must be done through the Spanish tax authorities. Tax refunds when approved will be issued during the following calendar year.



What happens if when playing La Quiniela on a multiple bet I have one 14 prize of 22,000 euros and six 13 prizes of 1,400 Euros each?  


You will only be paying taxes on prizes on Band 2 ( as described above) so taxes would only be applied to the 22,000 Euros. All the other prizes ( for being less than 20,000 Euros) are tax free.


No additional tax payments outside Spain are required once the prize has been paid into your account.



Prize payments will be made into your Lotobet account.


Once the payment is made into your account can : 


1- Keep the account balance for future games. 

2- Request a transfer into your bank account.

     To do so you just need to go to “My Account” and click on “Money Withdraw” 


For prizes over 2,500 Euros you will need to present a photocopy of your ID or passport so the bank can initiate the transfer. 


Please remember; it is very important that your Lotobet account details are correct and up to date or you might find it difficult to claim a prize. 


7-Precio de las Apuestas

Somos un Despacho Oficial de Loterias y Apuestas del Estado . NO TENEMOS INTERMEDIARIOS 

y los precios de las Apuestas son los mismos que se aplican si la compra se hace en nuestro establecimiento fisico , sin aplicar RECARGOS NI COMISIONES .

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